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Youth Arts Forum

Youth Arts Forum was formed in 1990 as an alternative to the decline of the more formal school art and music programs that were being eliminated at the time, and continues to be eliminated in even greater numbers today. YAF provides talented young artists and performers with a healthy and engaging outlet that allows them to express their creativity in art and musical performances. YAF aims to provide a vehicle to “unite the youth of the world through the arts"

Past Concerts and New Stuff 


After another stunning Youth Arts Forum concert at the iconic Bitter End in NYC I wanted to announce the winners of the Rodan And fields product raffle. I have 2 winners actually. Nancy Wasserman and Suzanne Foschino...Thanks too to all the people who donated so many wonderful gifts and supplies for those kids less fortunate. I am certain that through your generosity their holidays will be a bit more exciting. Breach the Barrier won for the best cover from the list I provided, but Route 111 and MrBoy did a splendid job as well. For now that’s it. To further support Youth Arts Forum and the next concerts and art gallery shows please stop by and click on the Rodan and Fields link. Have a great Sunday  Barry



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